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Alfie Boe (Opera Star)


“I’m delighted to see home grown talent such as Leoni Jane Kennedy pursue her passion for music.”

Brian May (Queen)


In respect of Leoni’s performance of ‘The Show Must Go On’ after winning the Freddie mercury Scholarship Brian May said:


 “It’s a lovely fresh take on the song. Treating the choruses as part of the exposition, rather than as a mantra with block harmonies, makes the meaning come across in a subtly different way. I might try that myself when I next perform it!”

John Illsey (Dire Straits)


"Leoni is very talented, she should stick at it" 

Kieron Pepper (The Prodigy, Sleeper)


“After sifting through an incredible amount of outstanding talent, passion and evidence of drive and dedication, I’m pleased to say that the winner of this year’s Freddie Mercury Scholarship is Leoni Jane Kennedy – a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and budding producer. She very clearly has her sights set on creating some amazing work as an artist and as a professional. I’m looking forward very much to working with her.”

Paul Anthony (Planet Rock Radio)
"When I judged ‘Rock the House Under 19’s National competition in London in 2014, 13 year old Leoni blew me away with her talent. Fast forward two years and a video of Leoni covering a prog rock song by Rush got 17,000 hits in 48 hours via Planet Rock’s website. Acoustic or electric, solo or with a band, Leoni definitely has a bright future!"

Paul Frazier (Talking Heads, Greystone Music Group)


"When I first saw Leoni Jane Kennedy, I believe she was around 14 or 15 years old. She displayed a certain confidence that’s usually developed after years of experience.  I thought she was singing and playing like a person who had already sold over 1 million. I made it a point to watch her grow over the years and as a producer, writer, musician and I look forward to working with her. She is ready for the world and I know she will be well received. Leoni is an amazing artist!!!"

Robin Millar CBE - Chairman, Blue Raincoat Chrysalis Group

(Sade, Eric Clapton, Big Country, Randy Crawford)


"I’m so impressed with how far Leoni has come. There is a bit of the young Bonnie Raitt in her. There is a wisdom and a touch of the blues in her voice and songs that would fit with a woman twice her age. If she gets the chance and the support to play in front of thousands of people, travel, experience what life throws at her, I believe what I believed seven years ago, that LJK will become an accomplished, internationally recognised musician and songwriter with an enduring career.

My company just released Laura Marling’s seventh album and Laura just turned 30 this year. I predict a similar trajectory for Leoni.

I would encourage you to support this gifted and dedicated artist."

Tony Moore (Iron Maiden, Cutting Crew)


"I have been curating music and promoting emerging singer/songwriters since 2003 at The Bedford and for 6 years before that as founder of The Kashmir Klub. I have had a long career in the music business and I have to say that I believe Leoni is genuinely one of the very few creators I have met and heard, who has true magic and a natural instinct for crafting great melodic structures, lyrical narratives and powerful arrangements. I have no hesitation in saying that I support her very strongly and believe her to be an important future contributor to the rich musical heritage this country produces and for which we are known and respected around the world.

It is my pleasure to champion Leoni’s career."


Ace (Skunk Anansie)


 In respect of Leoni's performance with Ace at The Global Youth Awards 2022, Ace said:


"I loved having the chance with Leoni to close the night. Alongside all the winners and presenters, she’s a fantastic talent and one to watch out for in the future."


Patrick Fabian, actor (Better Call Saul) 


 Supporter of Leoni's work on 'New World Woman'

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