Leoni Jane Kennedy

"It’s a lovely fresh take on the song. Treating the choruses as part of the exposition, rather than as a mantra with block harmonies, makes the meaning come across in a subtly different way. I might try that myself when I next perform it!” 

- Brian May, QUEEN -

”Leoni is very talented, she should stick at it" 


- John Illsey, Dire Straits -

"I am delighted to see home grown talent, such as Leoni Kennedy, pursue her passion for music".

- Alfie Boe, Opera star -


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Recording our album -       "SYNTHETIC"



" The first time I recorded Leoni she was singing and playing acoustic guitar in a lecture. I was blown away with her performance and the quality of her material. Subsequently I asked if she had a band and if so, would she like to do a day in the studio. The outcome was sensational. In just six hours we cut this album!

All the tracks here are live ensemble performances! "

- John Gallen - 

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Life Like ThisLeoni Jane Kennedy
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