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Freddie Mercury Scholarship winner 

" After a lot of discussion, the final winner was chosen as Leoni Jane Kennedy for her unique and beautiful artistry that both Roger and Brian felt was a perfect fit for Freddie’s memory. "

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September 2019, Leoni supported Blues award winners Catfifsh at The Electric Theatre... This gig was recorded and will be made into a live DVD.

The amplification she used on this night was also used by Pete Townshend of The Who at the 2012 Olympic Games - Courtesy of friend and amp guru, Jesse Hoff of Lazy J amplification.

I met Leoni at a gig in Surrey…and it was she who initiated the contact. The next day, at another gig, she was there again. And after that I could not really remember a time that she hadn’t been in my life. She is that kind of person…an old, soulful soul….she connects, and she leaves an impression. 
I’ve seen Leoni play solo, acoustic, and with her band…and there is a delicate depth in her delivery that is so fragile and so strong…it’s beautiful! One particular gig stands out…LJK was supporting Catfish at the Electric Theatre in Guildford.
She’d asked me if I could lend her an amp. Well, I’ve got amps…
Roll back to 2012…The Who were closing out the London Olympics. By that time, Pete Townshend had been using Lazy J amps for a couple of years. Seeing my amps there on the stage at the Closing Ceremony had been a moving moment in my life. As it happens, I own the extension cab PT was using that night. And I thought that cab, along with Bobby B’s J10 would be the perfect combination for Leoni’s gig at the Electric Theatre.
So... after its last outing at the London Olympics in the summer of 2012... in Guildford, in the summer of 2019... 
Leoni Jane Kennedy was rocking it at the Electric Theatre. And what can I say…It was perfect!!

- Jesse Hoff, Lazy J Amplification -

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