Sponsors and Endorsements




In 2014, Leoni performed in a competition called "Rock the House" which had an equipment sponsorship from both Yahama Music and Orange Amplification. Both companies had team members present at this competition and were networking with the artists and judges. The initial audition was held at a venue called The Bedford in Balham. This is where Leoni won the title of best under 19's solo act.


Fast forward a month or so to the celebratory performances from winning band 'Hex' and Leoni in the speakers rooms in The Houses of Parliament - this event showed popular House of Commons band 'MP4' performing a headline set to a crowd of music industry legends such as Robin Millar (Produced the likes of 'Smooth Operator' by Sade, Tina Turner, Randy Crawford... ). Robin continues to support Leoni to this day.

After networking with some major industry contacts, Leoni received contact from both Yamaha and Orange not long after the competition had concluded. Yamaha wished to Sponsor Leoni as an artist and provide her with equipment to help her journey as a musician. The prize for winning best solo act was a voucher which was put towards her AC1M acoustic guitar, however the company further provided their best PA system for her style which was the brand new Stagepas 600i model.


Orange Amplification who were also present at the speakers rooms later decided to endorse Leoni with a CR20 valve amp after proving her electric guitar skills...
The relationship remains with both companies today - opportunities like these have boosted Leoni's confidence in so many ways and Rock the House allowed her to meet so many musical legends that continue to guide her.


In December 2018, Leoni received this limited edition ebony body Floyd rose from PRS Guitars Europe. After the being shown a video of her performing live, the company decided to endorse her with this guitar as an approval of her music and music career so far.


When backstage at a KT Tunstall gig in London 2018, Leoni met the Boss and Roland crew that were supporting the band/show via equipment sponsorship.
Leoni spoke with Matt Knight from Boss Pedals regarding her music and the conversation concluded with an endorsement of pedals to try out and review which would arrive a few weeks later.